Creativity Boost Course

Creativity Boost Course

The Creativity Boost Course is the VIP Service for those who want more than what I offer for free in the free tips section. This is an 8-week course with weekly 1-on-1 sessions (90min each). It’s a journey during which I’ll teach you the Indie Nile formula that will take you from creative blockage to creative flow.

It all starts with seeing yourself as a character standing in its own way. And just like any character in a (good) movie, you’ll experience a real transformation.

Session 1 : Identify the Blockage

Understanding what is at the root of you not being able to create. When did it start? What is it all about? I’ll help you deconstruct it so it doesn’t have control over you anymore.

Session 2 : Zero in on the Idea

Polishing your big idea. Is it a book or script that you want to write? Is it a creative business venture that you don’t dare to seriously consider? I’ll help you narrow it down to a clear and concise elevator pitch. Someone very wise once said that if you can’t summarize something then you don’t fully understand it yet.

Session 3 : Limitless Brainstorm

This is the session where we let the creative juices flow without restraint. We set aside budget constraints and other ‘realistic’ setbacks. The point of this session is to experience creative freedom in a way that you’ve never allowed yourself to experience. To train the mind to go as far as possible and then start scaling back instead of starting with limitations which is what most people do.

Session 4 : Structure is King

After you’ve shown yourself how big your imagination truly is, we lay down a structured plan for executing your creative venture. For example, a complete story arc for the script that you want to write or the full list of bullet points of the business plan for your creative venture.

Sessions 5-7 : Feedback Loop

The next three sessions are follow up sessions where I’ll give you detailed feedback on the progress of your plan, whether it is notes on the script or follow up on the progress of your business plan. You’ll be writing between the sessions and we meet to discuss the progress. In my experience, having someone you’re accountable to gives an incentive to keep going.

Session 8 : What’s Next

Final evaluation session where we discuss learnings and, more importantly, next steps. It is important that you walk away with a kit of tools & guardrails that you can use once the blockage resurfaces in the future.

Fee: €960 (excl. tax)