Storytelling Services

Storytelling Services

Besides the 1-on-1 coaching to help my clients achieve creative flow in all disciplines, I also offer the below services specifically to writers and filmmakers.

Writing Coach. I work as a dramaturg consulting authors on their stories & screenplays; giving notes on character development, pacing & story structure. You can select a Single Coaching Session or a Coaching Package. The single coaching session is a one-off 120min consultation designed to relieve you of the so-called "writer's block" whereas the coaching package is a longterm partnership where I oversee the development of a story (or script) over several sessions.

I won Best Screenplay at the Oscar-qualifying Rhode Island Film Festival for this short film.

Video Editor. I have over 10 years experience in editing short films, music videos & feature length documentaries.

Award-winning short documentary I directed & edited in 2015. It was a film festival darling. You can view it here
I edit short films weekly on my Youtube channel. 

I am a professionally trained filmmaker & screenwriter. Below is my rate card as well as a list of my relevant credentials.

2-hr Coaching Session (Writers) €150

4-week Writer's Coaching Package €550

8-week Writer's Coaching Package €900

1-week Editing €900 (editing of short film, corporate video or music video)

My Professional Training & Education

Screenwriting Development Grant - Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, 2019

Filming in Cuba with Werner Herzog, 2017

Screenwriting Residency @ Cinephilia Inspire Residency in New York, 2016

Director's Lab @ Binger Filmlab in Amsterdam, 2012

Doc Station @ Talent Campus of Berlin Film Festival, 2010

Greenhouse Documentary Program (Euromed Audiovisual Program), 2010

Writer's Lab @ Binger Filmlab in Amsterdam, 2008

Greenhouse Documentary Program (Euromed Audiovisual Program), 2007

Filmmaking Diploma @ New York Film Academy in New York City, 2005