Why is Indie Nile the coach for you?

Why is Indie Nile the coach for you?

If there’s one thing I can speak about with authority, it’s creative flow. And having direct access to that creative force that lives inside. All of us! If you want to take a look at what I create, check out my Youtube channel linked below where I post weekly short films.

My creativity is like a bottom-less well. The more I take from it, the more it fills up. When I started my channel, I would think to myself (every time I finished a video), “how the hell am I gonna come up with up with an idea for next week?” And sure enough, next week would roll around and a new idea would come and I would be even more inspired to turn into a short film. Over time, I began to trust that it would come and the bottom-less well started to flood.

A snapshot of the different characters I play on my Youtube channel.

I’ve always been a person who needs to create and somehow I’ve always been able to create no matter the difficulties going on in my personal life. Panic attacks, someone dying, addiction. Whatever it may be, I would be able to pick myself up, write that script, make that movie. But I always thought I was just lucky enough to have that ability. And it wasn’t until the most recent boost in my creativity that I understood that there are steps that I've always taken to create, albeit unconsciously. More recently, I’ve become more conscious about the steps I take in order to create no matter the life circumstances.

If you (like me) have lived in a fog of denial, under the spell of magical thinking, you know exactly what it’s like to be blocked emotionally, psychologically and of course creatively. They kinda go together, I’m afraid.

Long story short, I started going to therapy which led to sobriety which led to clarity and the universe said, “You finally get it. Well okay then, here’s your reward”. You see I’ve always been a storyteller but when I was making traditional films as a writer/director, I was actually denying the performer side in me any oxygen. I was acting like I have no need to act in front of the camera. I was suppressing the part of me that longed to be on a stage. And when we are in denial about something, the pain point becomes invisible to us. Needless to say, we become confused. About everything.

Before I became Indie Nile, I was making films under the name Fadi Hindash. This is the last feature documentary I made before starting my drag Youtube channel. 

Back then, I used to feel the need to have as many people as possible read my script before I was okay with them. When I would play one of my films for my friends, I would leave the room coz I wasn’t sure if the film was good or not. And why it was good or not. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with taking in constructive feedback. After all, I’m out there trying to enroll you in a course that requires you to take my feedback. But I’m taking about the state of confusion where you have no idea whether what you’re creating is good or not and why you’re creating it in the first place. If anything, my Creativity Boost Course will help you learn how to trust your creative instinct so that you recognize which feedback works and which doesn’t. Because let’s be honest, feedback from others isn’t always constructive. But once you know what you’re doing and why you’re doing it, you’ll be able to recognize which feedback is for you and which isn’t.

After I embraced my love of performing and accepted that I was put on this earth to entertain people behind and in front of the camera, the path became clearer. Nowadays, I write, edit & post my films with a certainty that frightens even me sometimes. Well, at least, it used to scare me in the beginning because it was unfamiliar.

More recently, in the last few months, more buried truths started to reveal themselves to me. The kind of entertainment I like to make is the kind that changes the way people think about themselves and the world around them. I want to inspire others and, for the lack of a better word, teach them through feelings. Because that’s what I’ve been able to do for myself. I’ve actually had this goal since I was a child.

Whether it was my role as the designated therapist in the family dynamic or my longstanding job as a publicist in charge of perception-shifting campaigns for PR agencies in Dubai or my work as a documentary filmmaker creating thought-provoking films about hard subjects or my work as a scriptwriting coach for upcoming filmmakers or the quotes I post on my personal instagram page about healing unresolved childhood wounds, I’ve always been that person who loves to unlocked what's buried in someone's psyche and make them see things differently. I actually get a dopamine hit once I spot the wheels in someone’s head turning following a deep conversation. This is why I was put on this earth.

So I’ve taken all those personal learnings along with the storytelling skills I’ve mastered and the career experience I’ve gained working for others, put it all in a blender and came up with the Creativity Boost Course. An 8-week workshop where you get eight 1-on-1 sessions with me designed to take you on a journey from Creative Blockage to Creative Flow.

Whether you need help to finish (or start) that script you never found the time to give attention to or achieve some clarity about your next creative venture or find a way to create despite the personal responsibilities like screaming children then join me on this Step-by-Step guide to your creative freedom.

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